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Remembrance Day 2020

On Sunday 8th November 2020, Windrush Square hosted a Remembrance Sunday event at the African and Caribbean War and peace Memorial. Given the pandemic, it was scaled back to ensure social distancing guidelines were followed. The event started with prayers from the different faiths including libation and Quranic recitation. Leaders who spoke at the event included Dawn Hill (Chair, Black Cultural Archives), Helen Hayes MP, Umar Mahmood and Lt Col Anthony Mims (US Embassy London).

Dr Jak Beula, representing the Nubian Jak Community Trust, was the Master of Ceremonies. African drumming was also part of the ceremony. Umar Mahmood, attended and read a verse from the Quran expounding on the understanding that man was created into nations and tribes to know one another and not that they hate or despise each other. he spoke on the Muslim contribution to the peace efforts and explained the how over 400,000people from the Indian subcontinent, many of whom were Muslim, were part of the efforts to bring world peace. He also applauded the Black Muslim community contribution and the bravery of Muslim soldiers which is often white washed. He reminded people to pick up history books and see where the gaps are in the appreciation of their communities and teach this to the next generation.

Lt Col Anthony Mims (US Embassy London) spoke of the female presence within the force that helped to keep people safe. He said women were central to a number of operations and relayed stories of women in London supporting US and UK forces.

The wreath laying ceremony followed the speeches and prayers.

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